Supplement My Ethnicity?

Someone in my Family recently sent me this link to  MiGenetics this vitamin/supplement site that said that most of our unhealthiness is based upon use not eating the foods that our ethnicity is used to eating.

Just taking a look at their website under the benefits section lists like 15-20 different things that are all basically unrelated that it says it helps with, that’s a tip-off to me to say that doesn’t really sound plausible, As well as them saying things like our genes determine our nutrition. While evolution may have made it easier for some ethnic groups to get more nutrients out of some foods than others it doesn’t mean we’re lacking in nutrients as the site implies.  The adaptations to process more nutrients by some ethnic groups than others most likely makes up for a lack of a supply of that nutrient that another ethnicity had.  And even those adaptations are most likely not there as the culture will most likely adapt their food supplies/what they eat, to make up for the lack of those nutrients before evolution will kick in.  A good example of this would be Indian culture. Since most meats are not used as food there, they’ve made up for their lack of protein they receive in their diet by eating lentils,beans,etc. to make up for it.  This doesn’t mean that their nutritional needs are not being met any better or worse than any other culture’s.  When you look at the incidents for disease rates and take into account the skewed nature of things such as the level of medical care, prevention efforts, etc.  most health issues seems to fall along a nice Bell Curve, in that they’re pretty evenly distributed when you take those factors into account.  In fact most of the health issues listed that they claim their supplement can cure can be directly related to how many calories a person consumes and their overall weight.  Such as this recent item, a professor lost 26 lbs eating Twinkies for meals but while he did so, limited his caloric intake to 1800 calories a day instead of the 2600 calories a day in a balanced diet, when he lost the weight his overall health had improved significantly.  Not only did his lipids, and triglycerides drop the doctors said that his good cholesterol went up and his bad cholesterol went down. This would tend to violate the hypothesis put forth by this site that their supplement would  and most of the common understanding of “eating Healthy”.  you can check out the info on this more at CNN, and on the benefits of just eating less.

Another big tip-off that this product is basically a sham is that under their research page has no mention of the scientific journal they’re product has supposedly been studied in, if this thing was as amazing as it says it is, they’d definitely list any/all scientific journals they’re product had been in.  Looking at the ingredients for the European Version of this, it looks like it is nothing more than your standard multi-vitamin with a few things switched around to make it fit for their description of ethnic groups.  The good old consumer adage, “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is” applies here I’d say, probably something better to do than order something like this would be to follow Michael Pollon’s advice from the New York Times Magazine, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”