I joined the SSA yesterday

I signed up as a non-student member of the Secular Student Alliance yesterday.  This allows me to vote in SSA board elections, and have access to certain forum topics visible to members only.  Needless to say I expected to see a thriving community with the membership, a forum with many topics and a range of things to discuss and share with others.

I was unfortunately disappointed.

The site is basically structured as a forum with only the topics visible as static pages, with no replies as far as I can see(maybe there just weren’t any).  I tried to find the forum main page, so I could see all the sub-forums and topics and couldn’t.  I noticed at the top in my address bar that the address for the page I was on was http://www.secularstudents.org/forum/node/51/ so I trimmed it to just the forum part and saw the normal forum look that you’d see with something like PHPBB. I started reading and noticed that it was basically the menu to the left on the page, sigh.  I checked through some of the topics, the jobs and volunteer topics specifically, and noticed that most of the topics were ,on average, a year or so old.  I would have thought there would have been an active online community there thriving, and discussing a variety of issues.  I hope that will change in the future, or that they will get a better discussion forum going for us members.

Maybe I’m just missing something, I’d be very happy to be wrong on this one.


A few interesting things…

I figured I’d post a few links to some sites/blogs/podcasts I frequent

  • Friendly Atheist – Hemant Mehta’s site, features an advice column from an atheist as well as general atheism/secular news.
  • Pharyngula – PZ Myers’s Blog featuring topics confronting evolution denial to general secular news to polls and more.  A great site if you’ve only got time to read one blog out there.
  • The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe – a weekly podcast covering lots of topics from the skeptical point of view.  They also do interviews with lots of skeptics/freethinkers and bring up good news, with a focus on medicine,biology, and emerging technology.
  • NPR’s Science Friday – A great show that is all about scientific discoveries and debates that are ongoing in science, as well as Science’s role in the government and politics.
  • Bad Astronomy – Phil Plait’s blog about Skepticism, Astronomy news and general “sciency” stuff.

I also tend to use the SkepDad’s link site for lots of good blogs and podcasts and such.