Blake Mycoskie founder of TOMS Shoes Speaks at Murray State

Blake Mycoskie is the founder of Tom’s shoes, and he’s been visiting campuses around the country telling the story of TOMS Shoes.  TOMS Shoes is a Shoe Company based in California that started up about 4 years ago after their founder was in Argentina and gave away some shoes for kids in a local village.   After that Blake Mycoskie decide he wanted to keep helping these kids so he came up with the idea to sell 250 pairs of shoes in the US and for each pair sold there he’d give away a pair to kids in a village that didn’t have shoes.

Blake started his company in his apartment and sold 80 shoes to a designer store in LA and then the LA Times published an article about his project and he sold 2200 shoes the day the story ran. Since then TOMS Shoes has grown hugely and is about to give away its 1 millionth pair of shoes to a child who has none.  Blake made mention several times of how his business has grown simply by word of mouth due to people feeling good for buying these shoes.

This leads us to the question if Blake’s idea of buy one give one works with shoes then what else can it work for? Medical Prescriptions? Vaccines? Food? Water?  The possibilities are endless and I hope they all take off like TOMS has, who knows maybe I might try to tackle something like this.