Jesus Rifles are no more!

ABC is reporting that gun manufacturer Trijicon will no longer be printing Bible references in the serial numbers for the Scopes it manufactures for the US military.

"Trijicon has proudly served the U.S. military for more than two decades, and our decision to offer to voluntarily remove these references is both prudent and appropriate,",said Stephen Bindon,Trijicon president and CEO in a statement.

This is the right decision by Trijicon. Although they never should have put the verse references there to begin with, not only is it insulting to people of non-Christian faith but also people without faith. Imagine the outrage if someone had stamped Koran suras on the scopes instead? I'm glad too that they've decided to provide kits for removing the serial numbers for the ones they've already manufactured.

I wonder what other items have hidden bible versus on them?


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